Furniture protectors

Furniture protectors

Dog/Cat Furniture Scratch Protectors

If your puppy or kitty likes to scratch and tears up your furniture, then a PETFECT Furniture Scratch Protector will get immediate results [see images above].

Stop suffering with upholstery, leather or wood damage. This transparent design saves sofas and also saves rental deposits.

Each cover is made of ultra thin polycarbon, which is more durable than hard plastic or vinyl designs.

This means you can install it on both sides of furniture, which provides even more protection from puppy or kitty paws.

And with the simple pins or hook to hook fasteners your PETFECT Furniture Defender is a snap to disconnect whenever you need it.

And installation couldn’t be easier, simply clean and dry the surface, then press adhesive into place and you are all set for scratch free furniture, and worry free days.

Features & Benefits:

  • Universal Fit: Works on any standard leather, wooden or upholstered furniture for protection against pets who like or need to scratch; finally you’ll have a scratch‐free furniture and worry free days

  • Transparent Design: Get immediate results against claw scratching with this furniture shield (fits most size cats and dogs), protect against sofa damage, end wood repairs, and save your rental deposit

  • Durable .75mm Polycarbon: Better than britle and vinyl plastic, this furniture defender is strong clear protection that comes in set of two ‐ now you can defend both sides of furniture without any harm to your cat

  • Flexible & Removable: Convenient pins or hook to hook fasteners are fast and simple to disconnect, so no matter if you have leather, wooden or upholstered furniture it’s quick and easy to remove sofa protector whenever you need it

  • No Cut Install: Your PETFECT Cat Scratch Guard is sized correctly right out of the box, so no need to cut it or trim it ‐ simply clean and dry the surface, then install the adhesive fasteners or pins and it’s ready to protect all day long


8 x 5.5" (20 x 14 cm)

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11 x 5.5" (28 x 14 cm)

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13.5 x 5.5" (34.5 x 14 cm)

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17.5 x 5.5" (44.5 x 14 cm)

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